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Environmental Policy

We take our responsibilities to the environment very seriously. Ok, so we are incentivised to do so by the high landfill tax rate but we really do care!

Minimise the environmental impact of our activities by:

  • To be at the forefront of best practice as a waste carrier.
  • Where possible to replace office and truck equipment (e.g. stationary, office furniture, tools) from junk collected – rather than purchasing new replacements.
  • To keep fully up to date with environmental regulation and industry norms (both current and pending) and ensure compliance with including in particular regulatory compliance, record keeping, methods of disposal, Health & Safety, and customer service.
  • Mixed general waste that is not easily segregated is taken to MRFs and commercial waste transfer stations that prioritise recycling and waste to energy incineration.
  • We segregate recyclables (such as metal and WEEE) for separate disposal at dedicated recycling facilities.
  • To recycle or re-use the waste we collect wherever is commercially viable to do so.

To book a collection or if you have questions please call, 0800 058 25 22 or email us

Eco friendly rubbish removal in West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and North Yorkshire.