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Battery Recycling in Chelmsford

We are a safe, secure, eco-friendly, Chelmsford battery recycling business. We collect batteries from schools, hospitals, universities and businesses in Chelmsford.

We can take all kinds of batteries from the kind that go in your remote up to a car battery.

How Chelmsford battery recycling works;

  • Call or email us to discuss your battery Chelmsford recycling requirements.
  • We work out the most cost effective method of collection.
  • We let you know a time and date that we could collect your old batteries.
  • On the day of your collection your battery recycling team will call when they are one hour away from your premises.
  • On arrival your items are loaded by a uniformed driver.

We can take all kinds of batteries in any condition. Please note we generally specialise in bulk collections. If you are a household looking to dispose of your old batteries then contact your local council.

All batteries are recycled in accordance with the 2007 WEEE Directive. We divert 100% of the batteries we collect from landfill.

Whoever you use for battery recycling in Chelmsford please ensure they are licensed waste carriers and that they issue you with a Waste Transfer Note. Your Waste Transfer Note should state what has been collected, how much, where from, by who and where it will be taken to.

Why use us for Chelmsford battery recycling

  • We can respond to battery recycling requests in 2 working days - depending on location
  • 100% diversion from landfill
  • Uniformed collection teams
  • Fully licensed
  • Fully insured

Contact us to discuss or to book a battery recycling service in Chelmsford.